How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Contact management (exclusions)

Look for a service that lets you easily manage your media contacts. It’s basically an upgraded version of Excel that you would use to store your contacts. They include tags, filters and other features to keep you organized and let you collaborate with your team.

Take note if there are flexible and easy-to-use targeting options for selecting people for your distribution. With PR outreach, it’s important to get your message to the right journalists, editors and bloggers so you need something that’ll let you stay in control of the whole process.


PR outreach works partially because it’s personalized and you’re reaching out to relevant media contacts. You could send each person on your list a custom email, but that would take ages. 

Personalization options let you keep your messages targeted while saving a lot of time. These can include the basic personalization tokens like {first name} or it can involve being able to easily segment your media lists into smaller groups and send each targeted message.

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