How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Personalization features in Prowly

Email creator (visual editor)

With all the emails and press releases journalists receive, it’s not easy to get their attention. It can help if you spruce up your emails (without overdoing it) by adding visuals and other multimedia. This can be done with Outlook, but having a dedicated email creator for PR outreach can make things easier.


Deliverability can be defined by the percentage of emails that actually make it to the people you’re pitching. This can be understood not only by having up-to-date email addresses from the media database, but also if the emails avoid the dreaded spam folder. 

While it might be difficult to actually measure and compare a PR outreach tool’s deliverability, it’s something worth asking about.


Following up is a crucial part of the outreach process, but it can be a bit awkward if you’re sending out the third email to somebody and you don’t even know if they received your press release.

Look for a tool that lets you see which contacts received, opened or clicked on a link in your email. Additionally, it should let you filter and segment contacts easily so you can easily follow up to the right people.

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