New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

3. Date & Location

The date and location should be included at the beginning of the first paragraph. Make clear where the announcement takes place and when. Use a dash to separate the date and location from the rest of a paragraph.

It should look like this:

Physical location (country, state, city) (month, date and year) -

For example:

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 06, 2019) – Google LLC today announced…”

Source: Google[8]

4. First Paragraph- The Intro

This is where you summarize the key points of your story. Keep in mind the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why).

Start off with the date and the location as stated above, and then the name of the company and the announcement. Next, briefly describes what the company does and explains why its announcement matters.

5. The 2nd and 3rd Paragraph

Develop your story using the important details. Give further elaboration on what was mentioned in the previous paragraph and explain its significance.

Each paragraph can be scattered with details but should also be concise. Keep a natural flow with logical and united points. Avoid repeating yourself.

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