New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

Normally, the same boilerplate is used on every press release you send, but you can always tweak it a little for different releases or update some facts from time to time.

10. Contact details

Provide contact details so the journalists know who to contact for more information. Include a point of contact with name and position, an email and a phone number.

3 REAL Press Release Examples to Learn from Big Brands

Here are creative press release examples from Apple, Google and Microsoft that you can’t ignore.

1. Apple

Press Release Example from Apple SavvycomPress Release Example from Apple Savvycom
Service Launch Press Release from Apple[9]

What can we learn from this press release?

  • The headline gives an overall “definition” of the new service.
  • The introduction provides all the key points of the whole press release.
  • Apple includes a video that highlights the new service of their product.

2. Google

Press Release Example from Google SavvycomPress Release Example from Google Savvycom
Acquisition Press Release from Google[10]

What can we learn from this press release?

  • The headline is straight to the point.
  • Relevant quotes from company executives are added throughout the story.
  • The whole press release is short and concise.

3. Microsoft

Press Release Example from Microsoft SavvycomPress Release Example from Microsoft Savvycom
New Partnership with OpenAI Press Release from Microsoft[11]

What can we learn from this press release?

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