Press Release Writing for Software Development Companies – DevPro Journal

Are you an ISV startup with a tight marketing budget looking for a simple way to generate some publicity? Learn how to write a press release.

Press releases may seem a little passé in a time when people are using digital channels to get their news, but this straightforward, tried-and-true article style is still relevant and is still getting results for ISVs.

When to Write a Press Release

It may seem obvious, but press releases are most appropriate when there’s news to tell. Are you launching a new product? Announcing a new release? Have you partnered with a new company (especially a name that people want to read about)? Is a well-known business now using your app? Make a formal announcement with a press release.

The Anatomy of a Press Release

A press release, usually contains:

  • Business name, logo, and “boilerplate” section at the end that tells about your company
  • Dateline, including the city and state of your headquarters or of the office making the release
  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A sub-headline that provides additional information
  • Instructions on who to contact for more information
  • And, of course, the press release content itself

Templates that show you how to write a press release are widely available on the internet, so you can choose a format and start writing.

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