Writing a Press Release? 8 Awesome Tools That Will Help

Instead, stick to the facts[3]. Be detailed but steer clear from pretentious wording and hyped language. 

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Now that you know some of the hazards to avoid in your writing, let’s talk about some of the free PR tools that can help you make your press release the best it can be. 

8 Free PR Tools That Help When You’re Writing a Press Release

1. Grammarly[4]

There are few elements that are as important to your press release[5] as spelling and grammar. Such careless mistakes appear unprofessional — and could mean the bitter end for your release.

This tool makes it easy by giving you helpful suggestions for spelling and grammar — and keeping a running tally of mistakes so that you always know where you stand. It also integrates with most writing programs and apps.

2. Hemingway Editor[6]

Looking for another editing tool? This one might be more to your taste — especially if you’re more visual and want more detailed correction.

The Hemingway Editor color codes each grammar and spelling mistake as you go so you can see exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. From run-on sentences to adverbs that could weaken your sentences, it has helpful suggestions to improve your writing.

3. OneLook Reverse Dictionary[7]

It’s easy to fall into a word rut — using the same word over and over again. This can be dangerous when it comes to press releases. if you do it too much, your audience will likely notice and lose interest. 

This tool goes beyond a simple thesaurus — it can look up words based on their definition. For example, if you enter the phrase “speak softly,” it gives you such options as murmur, whisper, coo, etc. This allows you to avoid redundancy and spice up your press release with new words that engage your audience. 

4. Cliche Finder[8]

Cliches can add a whimsical touch to your writing. But when you write press releases, cliches can get in the way and muddle your main message. After all, you want to differentiate your company or yourself in a release. 

Just enter your press release into Cliche Finder’s editor and it will conveniently list all of your cliches. This helps you to improve your writing and avoid the cliche pitfall.

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