Writing a Press Release? 8 Awesome Tools That Will Help

5. PR BuzzSaw[9]

Buzzwords: The bane of every industry. And for journalists, who have to comb through press releases every day, these buzzwords can be like nails on a chalkboard.

I appreciate the description that PR BuzzSaw uses to describe its product: “This free tool automatically hacks PR buzzwords out of press releases to make life more bearable for Britain’s hard-working journalists.”

Use this tool to clean up your press release[10] of the most annoying buzzwords, and present a final copy that journalists will happily devour.

6. StayFocusd[11]

Ever wish you could just sit and write, without distractions? StayFocusd allows you to figuratively close the door to the hectic world of the internet, and focus on your writing.

How does it work? This Google Chrome extension allows you to disable web browsing so that you can focus on the task at hand. You can set it to block every web page or leave select ones available. You can even pre-set what kinds of pages are open to you, leaving distracting games and other distractions out of reach.

7. Wordcounter[12]

Word count is an important part of your press release. You want to make sure it is a reasonable length without being long-winded. While most writing programs come with a word count feature, they can be buried in the drop down menu; besides it’s a hassle to constantly stop writing to check your progress.

Wordcounter is an easy solution that enables you to keep track of your word count with a mere glance at the top of your screen. Write your press release in its editor, with a big, bold word and character counter at the top so you never have to leave your work to check on it.

8. Answer the Public[13]

It won’t matter how much work you put into your press release if no one reads it. People will read your story only if it interests them and touches their lives. So what can you do to make your news more appealing, short of reading minds?

This free tool will tell you what is on people’s minds by telling you the most common things that they’ve searched for on Google. This can be a great way to make your press release more relevant to your target audience.

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