How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Support can include proofreading and editorial support (usually priced extra) or general support related to using the platform. 

And finally, how responsive is support, and are they available 24/7?


What kind of reporting does the provider offer?

You want a service that can help you measure the success of your brand’s content promotion and press release distribution efforts.

Reporting should be part of the package, and provide you with actionable information and metrics to gain insights on the effectiveness.

Additionally, you should be able to see where your content appeared online, how many views it received and what organizations are interested.

Search Visibility

One of the possible benefits of press release distribution is SEO visibility, although many professionals dispute their effectiveness. If this is important for you,  look for a service with a strong domain authority. It’ll increase the possibility of appearing on Google in front of your target audience.

Authority and reviews

Look for a newswire that has a proven record of accomplishment with the media and has a history of being a source of valuable news and information. What are people saying online about their experience with specific newswire providers?

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