How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service


The general consensus of journalists from the study was that wires offer the ability to provide additional information, however, newswires need to find a way to help cut through the endless amount of less valuable press releases.

Relevance is a major issue—many journalists do not want to wade through newswires that are filled with irrelevant or investor-type releases

On the other hand, Jas noted that focused newswire services are clearly valuable for some sectors, such as automotive.

Nonetheless, the study showed that 37% of journalists use a newswire every day, and 30% use one occasionally. If you add up those numbers, it turns out that 2/3 of journalists use a newswire—a considerable amount.

Manual press release services

On the other hand there are PR outreach services like Prowly[14], Prezly[15] and Muck Rack[16].

PR outreach[17] involves reaching out to relevant journalists and other media contacts in order to pitch them your story or press release.

The benefit of such tools is that they greatly simplify the process of doing manually, which considerably takes up a lot more time and effort.

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