How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Intended audience

Who should receive your press release? An easy way to segment your audience is by the following:

  • Local, regional and national markets
  • Multicultural markets (e.g. African-American audiences)
  • Specific industries (e.g. automotive)
  • International (e.g. European audiences)

Based on who you’re trying to reach, find out what the targeting options are of the service you’re planning on using.


What kind of features and additional services are available for distributing your press release? These can include:

  • Customizable, interactive content
  • Being able to add multimedia to your press release
  • Additional services

Usually these features will be priced extra, but it’s worth looking into them if it makes sense for your business. For example, if you’re writing a press release about a product, choose a provider that allows you to showcase the product in the press release with photos or videos.


Does the provider have a strong customer support team? Look through reviews or ask people that used the service.

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