How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Professionals working in the PR industry have mixed opinions about press release distribution services and their effectiveness. As one user from Reddit said: 

“If a B2B company has a legitimate, solid news story and a press release can be extremely informative, with great quotes from important people, I will use a wire service so I can piggy back my pitching off of it. I can use the link to the press release and indicate that the information was released over the wire.”


And another user stating that it’s often an obligation to release the information in wire format for listed companies.

Jas from Vitis PR[13] conducted a study based on 80 journalists from the UK and what they think about newswires. Here’s what one had to say:

“Journalists do use wires, but it seems that they are used more for checking facts than picking up new stories. We believe that the best way to target a journalist is to follow them, understand what they write about, pitch a story to them exclusively, and provide them with good content.”

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