How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Finding relevant contacts for your news—whether it’s by beat or location—is a breeze with the included media database.

Managing your contacts is made easy with a CRM for PR, where you can add notes or tags and use filters.

As for the actual distribution, it’s a big improvement versus doing it manually by yourself. Personalization features, high deliverability and effective follow ups let you get your press release out to many relevant journalists at once.

The downside compared to newswires, is that the process can still take a bit longer and their reach is smaller (but more targeted). 

Which one should you choose?

Both methods have their purpose for PR distribution. Figure out which one is better for your industry. Or if you have the time—try both. 

You might find that some are better at trade or B2B media, yet others outperform for mainstream and B2C news.

And remember—the success of your distribution and chances of getting media coverage ultimately rely on the story you have. Make sure it’s actually newsworthy and interesting.

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