How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Nonetheless, wire services have their purpose and remain a long-standing and popular choice for press release distribution.

This guide covers how to choose the right distribution model and the best press release distribution service for your needs.

I’ve divided this guide into three parts:

  1. Choosing the best distribution method[6]
  2. Choosing the best press release distribution service (newswire)[7]
  3. Choosing the best PR outreach tool[8]

Choosing the best method for distributing your press release

First of all, why bother distributing a press release?

Press releases are a great way to get media coverage; in turn, this lets you increase exposure for your brand and reach new audiences. Plus, it’s cost-effective compared to paying for advertising.

Secondly, should you use press release distribution services?

If you specifically have “wire” services in mind—it depends. I’ll go into detail about this in the section below.

However, if you’re thinking about any kind of press release distribution software or services, including PR outreach tools, then you should (in my opinion).

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