How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Pricing example of PR Newswire

What’s worth noting—there’s rarely one single price. The cost of distributing a press release will vary greatly depending on the geographical scope of the distribution, add-ons and extra features.

That’s why besides the actual price, what is crucial—if not more so—is choosing a provider with an easy-to-understand pricing plan. 

With many providers charging extra for almost any add-on you can think of, it’s important to be able to understand how much you can expect to pay in the end, without any unpleasant surprises.

There are also cheap or even free press release distribution services. But generally, you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind.

List of outlets

How many media outlets does the wire cover? This includes news websites, aggregators, media outlets, and news content systems. This will also depend on the pricing plan or geographical scope that you select. More is not always better, although it can increase your chances of getting coverage. 

Additionally, many providers offer guaranteed placements, including all the major news sites—Google News, Yahoo and Bing.

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