New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

6. Fourth Paragraph- The Quotes

Include quotes from the spokesperson who can be either your company’s founder, a senior member, an expert or other relevant people.

The quotes section helps to convey the main idea of the release, oftentimes putting emphasis on the significance of the announcement the company is making. It also adds dimensions to the story by providing opinions rather than facts.

Good quotes should sound natural. Make sure to attribute your quotes, saying the name and position of the person you’re quoting.

7. Fifth Paragraph- More facts

This part solidifies the importance of the announcement with further examples, facts and figures.

8. Sixth Paragraph- The Closing Quote

A further quote is optional- include it only when it serves to bring more weight to your story. To enhance the credibility of your company’s product or service, you can introduce quotes from a third party spokesperson.

9. Boilerplate

End your release with your company’s boilerplate- a brief description of your company, including facts such as location and date of establishment, company size, products and services, purpose and positioning, etc.

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