New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

6. Keep your audience at the moment

Emphasize what your company has done (or is doing) instead of focussing on its future plans. Try to use the present tense as it can vividly describe the situation and instil a sense of excitement.

7. Avoid redundancies and clichés

As mentioned above, a press release should be succinctly written, so it’s important that every word in your writing should be there for a reason.

Redundancies and clichés unnecessarily prolong your writing without adding any value. When editing your article, look for the redundant phrases you might have overused and replace them with new, creative ideas. Online cliché and redundancy checks like ProWritingAid[5] or Cliché Finder[6] can be of great help.

8. Back it up with stats

Your release should be a presentation of facts rather than a series of biased remarks. Use relevant statistics to support your claims. Select interesting statistics if possible. These statistics should come with proper citation so as to ensure their credibility.

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