New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

11. Don’t forget your boilerplate and contact details

Add your business boilerplate at the end of your release, which briefly describes your company within a short paragraph.

You can also include your company’s highlights such as recent awards, unique cultures or social impact if possible. Then put in your contact information in case the journalists want to get in touch with you or simply want to check your credibility.

Structure (Template OR Format) of a Press Release

Information in a press release is presented in an inverted pyramid, going from the most important to the least.

Below is the structure (or format) of a good press release.

How to Write a Top-Notch Press Release for Your New Mobile App Launch [Free Template Real Examples]How to Write a Top-Notch Press Release for Your New Mobile App Launch [Free Template Real Examples]
General Template of a Press Release.

Again, let’s go into details about each component…
1. Headline

This is one of the hardest parts in writing a press release, as you have to grab the attention of your readers within a maximum of 100 characters.

The headline should contain the name of the company and what announcement it makes. The first letter of each word should be capitalized.

Keep it simple yet interesting. Use active voice and insert impressive figures if possible to make it exciting and powerful. Also, try to evoke readers’ emotions with your wording and word choice.

2. Subheading

This is a non-compulsory part of a press release. The subheading should be brief and eye-catching. It complements what is stated in the headline and serves to encourage the audience to read on.

3. Date & Location

The date and location should be included at the beginning of the first paragraph. Make clear where the announcement takes place and when. Use a dash to separate the date and location from the rest of a paragraph.

It should look like this:

Physical location (country, state, city) (month, date and year) -

For example:

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 06, 2019) – Google LLC today announced…”

Source: Google[8]

4. First Paragraph- The Intro

This is where you summarize the key points of your story. Keep in mind the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why).

Start off with the date and the location as stated above, and then the name of the company and the announcement. Next, briefly describes what the company does and explains why its announcement matters.

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