New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

9. Use quotes smartly

Quotes should be added for insight from an expert or a spokesperson of your company rather than for sneaking in more information. They should serve to convey your key message and cleverly promote your business image.

10. Include imagery   

Images help readers visualise what the release is talking about. Points to consider when selecting a picture are its relevance to the main content, quality, size and ownership (if it does not belong to your company). You might even want to go as far as to create your own infographic that supports your writing. According to the Muck Rack and Zeno Group[7] survey, 49 per cent of journalists said that they would have more interest in a press release if it contained an infographic.

11. Don’t forget your boilerplate and contact details

Add your business boilerplate at the end of your release, which briefly describes your company within a short paragraph.

You can also include your company’s highlights such as recent awards, unique cultures or social impact if possible. Then put in your contact information in case the journalists want to get in touch with you or simply want to check your credibility.

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