New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

3. SEO advantages

As you work on your press release, you will have the chance to optimize your content so that it fulfils the Search Engine Optimization requirements. By adding relevant tags and keywords, you’ll increase the visibility of your content.

In addition, as your press releases are published by several media outlets, you’ll get high-quality backlinks to your website.

4. Content distribution across multiple channels

Press releases can be distributed via both print and online mediums, ensuring your brand’s media coverage. People can see your story in the local newspapers and magazines or via direct mail.

You can also distribute your press releases via social media and email marketing by uploading them to your website or blog. Exploring all these channels is an effective way to maintain your media presence and engage your target audience.

5. Chance to attract investors

Press releases showcase your company’s expertise and accomplishments, which can spark investor interest and might later on attract lucrative sponsorship to your business.

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