New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

You can also opt for free distribution services, but those typically offer limited exposure. Remember, your goal is to gain as broad media coverage as possible.

Some reputable press release distributors include:

Step 3: How to Build on the Success of a Press Release

You’ve successfully got your press release accepted by a news agency, but your work is not done yet.

Now it’s time for you to make the most of your success.

  • Share this good news with your employees. Letting them know of important announcements like this first will boost their morale and build up team spirit.
  • Publish the news on your blog and social channels, enriching it with more valuable content and images, infographics, videos, etc.
  • Inform your partners or clients via email or newsletter.
  • Spread the news far and wide by featuring in a major publication. Include the publication’s logo on your homepage, under a “featured in” banner, then talk about this in any outbound marketing such as upcoming newsletters.
  • Build a relationship with the journalists or publications that agreed to feature your release, starting with a thank you email.
  • If a journalist wrote up your press release into an article, send them a brief thank you email. This is a nice way to start building a relationship. They may use you as a source, for expert comment or offer you a guest article spot in the future.
  • Keep a list of the publications and journalists that featured your press release, so you know where to focus your efforts for future media pitches.

Final thoughts

Writing a compelling press release is among the first steps to get your app recognised. However, it’s not easy to get your release accepted by your desired publication and chances are you’ll get rejected many times until a journalist picks up your story.

But once you’ve landed that coverage, you’ll pave the way for more successful media pitches in the future.

Have other tips for a great press release? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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