New Mobile App Launch Press Release: The Definitive Guide

One important thing to consider, though, is the interest alignment of your own target audience and your publication’s audience. If the publication chooses to publish your story, then it will also be viewed by their audience. Which means that your press release has to bring value to the audience of your publication as well.

3. Write in the third person

The standard writing approach for press releases is writing in the third person. Use third-person pronouns as if you’re telling someone else’s story. Only use the first person for quotes from actual people.

4. Catchy headline

The headline is what entices your readers into viewing your story in the first place. Your headline should be able to capture the essence of your entire story while being concise and punchy at the same time.

5. Keep it short and sweet

The ideal length of a press release is around 400-600 words. Write it too short and you might leave out important points in your story. On the other hand, if your article is too long, chances are the readers won’t finish it. Resist the temptation to include every piece of information possible- things like your company background or other additional details can be included in the boilerplate at the end of your article.

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